Quote of the Week: Carl Jung

Everything is a mysterious synchronicity.

The Master of the Psyche, Carl Jung, in his conversation with J.B. Rhine , explores the possibility of synchronicity as the main underlying principle to all parapsychological phenomena.

Science denies all non-materialistic phenomena, assuming that their own limitations are the limitations of reality, but if we observe in a deeper manner our everyday living, we can appreciate that the  metaphysical dimension/platonic realm of ideas is the true source of our vitality, inspiration and meaning. 

Most psychologies denies the potential of the mind beyond the transpersonal dimension. The mind is just an individual phenomena, and again, we can observe in our own experiences that our body is not the limit of our psyche, just a physical manifestation of our ego. If you have a significant other, you will understand.

Meaningful coincidences are everywhere, meaning is not an intrinsic value of the Outer Reality, but a projection of our own Inner Reality.

The "acausal connecting principle" offers a new paradigm of observation that we can integrate in your Mystery Performance. I already went into the rabbit hole, so if you are interested in exploring and be inspired, be sure to check our "Jung for Mystery Performers" videocourse!

Carl Jung is, in my opinion, an author that every Magician and Mentalist needs to study. A source of infinite inspiration that we can apply in our everyday living as human being and of course, as Mystery Performers. 


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