Free Idea: Imaginary Poker

Phone cases are great spaces to keep predictions in casual situations, so lets create a fun image.

Equivoque is a powerful tool and we can use it in SO many ways (if you are interested in learning check our Equivoque Section)

I will not reveal the actual Equivoque sequence that I use in this case. If you are well versed you can apply your own techniques and ways. What I want to share in here is the simple manner in which we will restrict the choices.

We can do a prediction using an imaginary deck (1 in 52), but we can also create an interesting and natural restriction of cards by applying a theme of poker (1 in 5).

Let say that our prediction is the Queen of Hearts:

"Let do an imaginary game of poker, you will use your natural creativity and intuition to know something strange, and I am so sure of your abilities that I will bet my phone"

In this manner, we introduce the phone as an apparent "bet", at the end of course we will break that expectation and show the prediction. 

"I will hand you an imaginary hand of five cards, a royal flush, 
just as a starter...spades, HEARTS, clubs, diamonds, which suit do you feel?"

In that line we stimulate our participant imagination (which opens the ambiance of playful mind possibilities and connects our participant to his/her intuition in a relaxed and playful manner). The idea of "starter" frames the first question from a win/win situation. If the participant names "Hearts" (notice the caps as subtle tone of voice differentiation) , you will frame the answer as decision. If your participant names other you just say:

"Dont worry, we are starting, maybe is the lightning in here but they are actually hearts. 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of Hearts"

The idea of "lightning" relaxes the mood, so the moment doesnt feel as a mistake.

Remember, keep a "win/win" mentality in here. If the participant doesnt say "hearts", it doesnt matter. Is all designed so the experience flows naturally. You can also simply declare that you are handing a royal flush in hearts.

From here, you can apply your own methods and ways of Equivoque to arrive to the predicted card (in this case the Queen of Hearts).

At the end you will say:

"You took a wonderful decision, because in my phone there is a playing card from the very beginning, and I am glad that you named the Queen of Hearts as your decision... (reveal the card).
This is a gift for you, and the phone is a gift to me"

As you can see, a fun, simple and practical piece that you can carry.

In casual situations I also perform my "Ungimmicked B´Wave", which is 1 in 4, but remember that the impact of a piece goes beyond quantities.

If you want to learn Equivoque techniques, be sure to check our "Equivoque Section" and expand your possibilities! 



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