Quote of the Week: Emile Coue

 Emile Coue (psychologist and pharmacist) was a master of optimistic autosuggestion. He has a clear understanding of the power of our conscious imagination to guide our mind, skill that is fundamental for us as Mystery Performers.

Do you want to let go of fears and perform?
Do you want to reach big stages?
Do you want to go deeper in your understanding of the potential of your performance?

Every goal that you can set in your mind can guide you towards a deeper expansion of your possibilities. Lets put naive understandings aside, not always you will reach what you want in a precise manner. You cant change your destiny but you can empower yourself to reach that higher and deeper potential within.

Who knows, maybe you can reach even higher goals that you can imagine!

Set your clear goals as Mentalist, play hard, work smart and enjoy all the serendipities.

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