Quote of the Week: David Berglas

Our masters are influences no matter what, and today we celebrate David Berglas legacy and ideas.

He was (and is) a true example of the "everything is possible" mindset that we can embrace in our creative tasks as Mystery Performers. The legend of "Any Card at Any Number", his fantastic approaches to the classics in Magic and Mentalism and much more is a powerful inspiration that can move our mind to deeper spaces of possibilities.

You cant find a way? Let that rest in your unconscious. Be attentive to every moment during your day, you never know, maybe the solution is just in front of you.

David Berglas was not only a powerful creator but also a powerful performer (rare combination) that was able to express the potential of simple techniques in masterful manners.

His influence in my Equivoque work is present each day that I use this beautiful method. His understanding of language, communication and non-verbal presence is a beautiful example that we can follow

Thanks David for your ideas and creations.
Rest in Peace and Power.



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