Quote of the Week: Hippocrates

Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, with a strange and bold statement!

How is this relevant for us as Mystery Performer?

We NEED to learn about Astrology in a deep sense, not just Barnum Statements but genuine esoteric knowledge. No, you dont need to be an expert, but in the same manner that you learn a progressive anagram, take some time and learn legitimate sources of insights about this fascinating topic.

Sadly, I know a few "big names" that are experts on "zodiac" related effects but they just "fake" knowledge. There is no need to pretend if you can actually reach an authentic level of understanding.  

If you are interested in practical ideas about Astrology and Zodiac signs, study the work of Richard Webster. He is an amazing source of kind, genuine and powerful work.

And if you are interested in creative performance pieces , be sure to check our latest release "Zodiac Killer" and our section of "Zodiac Mentalism" 



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