Quote of the Week: Milton Erickson

Beautifully simple insight from the Master Hypnotist Milton Erickson. 
Life occurs in living, not in thinking, and most of the time we think too much.

Yes, a Mentalist is saying that.

Mystery Performance occurs as human experience, not just theory or mere ideas while we are not doing them. That is why, if you want to enjoy Mentalism in an integral manner, you need to apply these ideas in your performances context. It doesnt matter if you are a professional or not, is not about that, but excellence and enjoyment.

That is why too much thinking without action will stop you from true learning, and whenever you are practicing, rehearsing and performing, if you notice that something needs adjustment, do it without extra worries.

Learning happens in those moments. Be brave and learn from your own experience.

That is why I offer most of my ideas in our Online Sessions. In that unique conversation, deeper observations can appear to catalyze your growth and expansion.

If you are interested in expanding to new levels, check our Online Services!



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