Quote of the Week: Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco was a writer and philosopher, so he had a close relationship with secrets. Every Mystery Performer has secrets, not just in the core technical and methodological aspect but also in the other realms of our Inner Reality such as practice, rehearse, script and in the Outer Reality as performance, conversation and others essentials. 

A real secret is not just information, but understanding. Embodiment of knowledge requires not just the knowledge itself, but the authentic expression of that idea in a living form. Every action, every word that we express contains a hidden secret that is part of the symbolic dimension of our preparation and performance.

Especially when observing our classic category of "secret writing" techniques we can see the importance of executing the core method and movements in such fluid and camouflaged action that feels just like a choreography, an elegant and economical set of movements that communicate our idea in a clear manner.

Last week someone asked me about my favorite "secret writing", and for me Double Writing is without a doubt the way to go. You can do it completely impromptu, you dont need any extra gimmicks, and most importantly, there is a legible prediction. 

That is why years ago I wrote the "Anywhere Predictions" eBook. A compilation of ideas that you can explore and perform in professional and casual settings.

If you want those ideas and much more, you can get them in printed format in my book "Simply Mental" 

The secret is not the secret, but all the characteristics that are needed in order to experience that secret in an effective way. That is why a real secret is empty. The real secret is you, your own understanding of that mystery. 



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