Quote of the Week: William Shakespeare

One of my favorite quotes ever, from the theater master and poet William Shakespeare. 

My first artistic love was not Mentalism, but Music, especially Jazz. That is why I learnt from my beginnings the true definition of improvisation.

Improvisation is not just saying something to get out of the situation, but being able to be completely present at the moment, bringing your rehearsal in flowing manners, being able to break your script in subtle manners in order to truly expand the potential of your performance. 

This sounds complex, and in all honestly, it is complex to achieve a natural rhythm but completely needed if we want to achieve excellence in performance.

That is why we need to prepare a script and rehearse. Practice is just for the basic technical aspects, rehearsal brings the deeper sophistications and authentic expressions.

If you want to learn more about scripting and the power of rehearsal, be sure to check our VideoCourses 

In Magic and Mentalism we use the word "impromptu" in an incorrect manner. The word comes from music and means "in-readiness". Impromptu Mentalism is not "unprepared" but highly prepared using the casual moment as a space of performance.

That is why I wrote "Anywhere Mentalism" years ago, as a compendium of simple and powerful Mentalism using just borrowed objects


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