Beyond Consumerism

I have a friend that is accepting the fact that he is addicted to buy tricks.
(thanks for the photos)

 Consumerism is a cultural addiction. It is so camouflaged in our global society that it doesnt feels bad, but the contrary. Having more "magic" in your boxes means that you are a better performer...right?

Stuff is not "magic". 

Thats the illusion that the big companies are selling you. They are not selling you the ultimate gimmick or method, thats just the excuse. They are selling you the idea that having more equals being more, which is the ultimate deception. They offer you big reactions, but in the deeper part of your discernment you know that this is not true.

The majority in this community is hobbyist with money to spend, and the online stores know how to grab your attention. Be careful and use your time in better ways.

Is Magic and Mentalism the art of deception as some say? Of course not, but the marketplace is full of clever ploys to constantly selling you an illusion.

When I started in Magic and Mentalism I didnt have much, and Im thankful for that. I lived in south of Chile, I never went to a magic store so from my beginnings my limitations were also my inspiration. I was forced to be creative, to explore in my own meanings to express in performance and use whatever I had to perform. 
Still, I dont have much things. Most of the "props" that I have are gifts from my loved friends, masters and mentors in Mentalism and the tools from Arkanosophy.

That is why I can say this with personal experience. 
You dont need much to do a LOT.

Your tendency to buy everything new in the market is limiting your own creativity and growth. Stop throwing your money, focus and potential. Consumerism is a real issue that you can stop. 

Let me offer you some ideas that you can apply in order to stop the consumerism:

1. Focus in what you have: Yes, this sounds weird from a business that sells you Mentalism, right? But I prefer to sell less, keeping an ethical behavior.

2. Limit your budget: You know how much you can invest. Use your money wisely and save for bigger experiences. For example, we offer Online Courses that are higher in price than most mainstream releases, but I can guarantee you that they will give you much more insights, reflections and new learnings than keeping the consumerist behaviour of buying the latest trick, feel the euphoria of having that and then never use it again.

Next week we will offer a powerful online course with Kenton and Tommy.
Maybe you wanted to buy that latest designer deck or that ultimate gimmick. Save that money and invest it in here. Just for $47 you will receive a world-class learning experience from the creator itself 

3. Track your progress: If last month you spend X amount of money in the latest tricks, give yourself the change to invest that X amount in a deeper learning experience, or cut that amount in half. In a few months you will see that your new habit will forge in you a new possibility.

4. Focus in your "real world act": Select 7 pieces, and work them as much as you can. Develop a powerful script, experiment with different variants and possibilities, perform them and you will see that all the time that you wasted checking the new ultimate whatever online is now invested in a wise manner. 

If you want to change, you can. Take action today so you can use your time, energy and money in the best way possible.

If you need professional assistance, do it. You deserve a freer living. 



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