Quote of the Week: Frank Zappa


Frank Zappa was much more than just a musician. A rebel of non-sense and powerful creative force that inspires us to open our minds to new possibilities.

Our knowledge in Mentalism can lead us to arrogance and false skepticism. Because I know how to artificially create a psychic phenomena, that means that all psychic mysteries are false, right?


That argument is like saying that because there are wigs there is no such thing as hair. A ridiculous logic that closes our minds to the true nature of the mysteries of life, nature, consciousness and our true potential.

I am not saying that you there are "real psychics" out there, but from my own experience I can tell you that each of us has unique natural abilities to go beyond what is understood as "normal", and from that understanding you can perform a new Mentalism based in your real mind skills of deeper perception, powerful language and integral presence in order to bring a fresh experience for your audience and participants.

Open your mind, be curious, learn the real state of the art of all sciences and most importantly, stay in your own experience. Thats the ultimate knowledge, true understanding through your own living.

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