Quote of the Week: Richard Webster

Richard Webster, one of our living legends expands our understanding of Mystery Performances as source of income using Readings in an ethical and caring manner.

Doing Magic and Mentalism is a beautiful profession, but dont limit yourself if you see in yourself reading skills! 

I dont consider myself a "Professional Reader" but I have done readings as professional service and let me tell you that is a fascinating exploration as Mystery Performer. 

If you want to learn how to create powerful experiences for your "sitters" you can offer your service in several congruent places, such as coffee shops or book stores.

There are many ways to do it and that is why we offer you several "Reading" sources so you can create your own unique style and service to your community.

And if you want to offer an Online Service as Reader, in "Connection" by Madame Q you will learn the essentials ! 

It is a "high-price" book for a good reason. This is not a book for the mere curious but the Mystery Student that wants to open his/her own online reading service. If you get this book, you will be able to receive back your investment and receive MUCH more! 

Expand your business and learn the art of Virtual Readings! 



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