Quote of the Week: Carl Jung

Are you aware of your oneiric living?

As students of Magic and Mentalism, we need to explore the mysteries of the mind in a true manner in order to offer not just a trick but an authentic experience for your participants and audience.

One of those mysteries is dreaming. A fascinating experience, full of different theories and approaches of understanding. Carl Jung, the master of the Psyche was aware of the power of dreams as symbolic guidance, and we feature this beautiful insight today because we have a new pre-order book (special price) from Madame Q.

In Oneiric you will find fascinating explorations in the subject of dreams and how to apply it in authentic manners. 

If you are interested in exploring in real ways the power of dreams in your own experience and beautiful performance pieces and everyday miracles, this book is for you!

If you cant afford it, dont worry. The invitation for you is to research about the subject and observe your oneiric dimension. There is a lot of wisdom in those symbolic messages. 



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