Quote of the Week: Carl Jung

What a powerful idea from the Master of the Psyche, Carl Jung.

Magic is far more than tricks. Magic is the "Royal Art", the practice of self-transcendence per excellence.

We need to explore as Mystery Performers the topics that we touch in performance. A Magician needs to know about Magic in the complete sense of the word. A Mentalist needs to understand the mind beyond pretension, only in that manner we will truly tap our potential. 

We offer new questions, powerful and interesting mysteries to ponder. Entertainment is just the beautiful excuse to go beyond, always remember that.

One of the most magical experiences that you can offer as Mentalist is being able to explore the present and future through Q&A, that is why our latest release by Anthem and Aria will give you several creative and fascinating possibilities.

If you are interested in deeper understanding of practical Jungian ideas be sure to check "Jung for Mystery Performers" and  "The Path of Mystery" as a way to understand your own real Magic in this beautiful path as Mystery Performer.



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