Quote of the Week: Richard Osterlind

(photo by Armando Coda) 

Today we invite the Master Richard Osterlind with his powerful and needed understanding of Mentalism as Mystery Performance based in your own sincere belief.

What is your own subtext?

If you dont explore this fundamental question, your performance will lack of deeper potential. You will do just a random set of mental tricks just because you know the method, but that as we know is not enough.

Mentalism is so much more than just pretending to do, but actually BEING the one that is able to create the mysterious experience, using your skills/abilities/power in the most sincere way.

If you feel congruency in saying that you are using intuitive and psychological skills, go for it. If you feel that you can say that you art uses a combination of abilities in order to create a mental experience, go for it.

Dont lie, you dont need to cover yourself in words that are not true. Find your own understanding of your truth and share it. Believe in yourself in a sincere manner and your audiences will feel that.

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