Quote of the Week: Bob Cassidy

Bob once again, inspires us to go out of our comfort zone and find learnings.

This quote comes from his "Fundamentals" eBook (you can get it in here), an essential reading for any student of Mentalism.

Most Mentalist that I know are introverts by nature (myself included), and that type of personality experiences shyness constantly, especially at early development, and as sound as this sounds, we become performers thanks to our unconscious need of go beyond our personality type.

We expose ourselves doing mysterious mental feats because of our fear, not against it. We learn how to re-understand anxiety as a powerful energy that we can use, and offer a beautiful moment for our audience and participants.

If you are in your early stages of personality development and you find that your nervousness is just a vice, be sure that you are not alone! I was also like that in my youth but thanks to constant exposure through music, poetry, social events real experiences in front of an audience from my childhood, I learnt my own ways to use that introversion just a tendency and not a fixated reality. You can also take calculated risks and act as if you are an extroverted, connecting yourself with the Outer Reality, applying everything that you already explored in your Inner Reality.

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