Quote of the Week: Carl Jung

Carl Jung once again offers us fantastic insights and understanding beyond the common conversation.  
As Mystery Performers, we can use astrology and zodiac signs in powerful ways to create beautiful experiences.

Astrology is an arcane way of self-knowledge. Skepticism label astrology as "pseudo-science" and I agree. It is not a logic that follows the scientific method, but that doesnt mean that this doesnt hold anything interesting. Using that criteria, the love that you feel for your loved ones is also a pseudo-science, but there is nothing more relevant than that, right?

The stars and the Cosmos is offering us a fascinating reflection of our deeper mysteries, and if we learn from the correct sources, we can use those ideas in our performances.

Horoscopes are based in the "Forer/Barnum" effect as we know, but that doesnt mean at all that astrology is just BS. Newton, Jung and MANY others were able to understand the deeper meaning of this primitive psychology in order to explore the mystery of self-knowledge, which is ultimately, the only activity that we truly do.

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