Associative Extra Mindreading

So imagine that via any of our techniques available, you secretly know that your participant is thinking in "Louis" ...

Take advantage of this and use "Associate Extra Mindreading" !

"Lets do a warm up mindreading exercise. Just take the first letter from the name that you are thinking of and think in an animal that starts with that letter, now..."  

The theme that you suggest is obviously depending the letter that you are using. During performance you can quickly discern an "archetypical reply" (for L I would go for Lion)

The nice thing with this "Associate Extra Mindreading" technique is that you dont even need to get your reveal correct, but you will imply it!

"I am sensing that in a way this animal is related to the person that you are thinking of in terms of stamina, power of will and strength...
I am sensing a type of lion... you are thinking in L, correct?"

Because of the phrasing in your script, the last question will force your participant to say YES, thus creating indirect confirmation of the previous reveal.

Fun , right?

Take chances, play and move others using your fantastic potential! 


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