Know Thyself

Imagine.. you are entering into the Temple of Apollo...

Delphi, with Pythia as the priestess presiding over the Oracle...

You read and old inscription... "Know Thyself"...

This beautiful maxim is still relevant today, and also to our personal path in Mentalism.

How to achieve excellence if you dont know yourself?
How to construct goals if you dont know yourself?
How to communicate in an authentic manner if you dont know yourself?

This sounds so obvious, but some times ideas that are "obvious" just pass by in our minds.

The personal path of "self-knowledge" is essential in Mentalism and the subtext that people can FEEL during your performance.

Can you really know yourself?

Thats the most beautiful question to ask in this topic. You will NEVER finish this path. Self-knowledge is a constant, daily and beautiful effort. Maybe your motivations will change with time, but if you have your eyes open, if you want to always enjoy Mentalism, I invite you to embrace this simple maxim.

As soon as you feel and think that you "know yourself", go out of you comfort zone and experiment.
The best learning that you can experience is failure.

Our mission at Mentalism Center is always offer new material and ideas that can give you new options and paths of self-discovery and self-expression.

Sometimes people say to me: "I like this routine, but I will change it"

And I personally LOVE that ! That means that you know yourself, but now your next step is to take the principles and apply them to your own work.

As a matter of fact, I recommend you to NEVER use the routines that you know exactly as you saw.

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