What we can learn about: Lance Sinclair-When Mind Reading gets Personal

Lance is one fantastic brother in Mentalism. I love his style in performance , so for that reason I want to feature him in this "What we can learn about" section at Mentalism Center to reflect and extrapolate ideas.

First of all, PLEASE, dont care about the method that he used. If your mind only goes to that direction whenever you see a performance, you are losing too much to learn. The real secrets of Mentalism are not in our core methods.

So, from the beginning, you can notice his calm and soft tone of voice, giving us context (as the audience) of the situation. You can utilize this strategy also in real life performances, so your audience can be present, connected to the experience and feeling that you are being open to let them know what is happening.

Notice how from second 48, he carefully takes her hand. This kinesthesic factor was essential to create all the deeper rapport that he had with her, especially when he took her hand again as a symbolic representation of the connection.

From now on, you can also hear and appreciate his wonderful natural script. No strange pauses, unneeded words.

Effective Mindreading is not about the result, is about the process, and you can see how Lance was completely focused in that, creating a true journey of exploration, intuition, and calculated risks that allow him to reveal much more than just a name.

If you think about Lance´s audience, it is very important to know as much as possible from different cultures and backgrounds. Learn new languages, traditions from other countries, be curious about other people, you will never know when this information can be useful.

In minute 3, notice how her allude to "crying", and how Lance was calm about it. Crying is not bad perse, crying is as valid as laughter or other external expression of emotions. Be competent enough to manage any emotion that your participant express. Life is full of different manifestation, as well as performance.

It is wonderful to see how Lance and her, after this comment about "crying", were both with eyes close. He was really believing in his abilities to get intuitive insights and ideas that allow him to create a better rapport with her. 
No "barnum statements" or "vague cold reading" just for the sake of it. Adding Readings to Mindreading is not about "getting hits" at all, but real intuition and intention towards connection.

Some people are more open to the Mindreading experience than others in inherent ways of course, but you can sense that Lance´s approach allow her to be focused and present, with her thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we have closed-participants, but if you attitude is open in an proactive manner, people will tend to follow that.

Notice how at 5:21 he ACTUALLY care about what she was saying. This is not a one-way performance and monologue about how great he is, but a two-way mysterious conversation, in which she is important not just in the "acting" but for real.

At 6:30, his ability to adjust his statement into a new connection is wonderful. Watch his pace and his communications several times to really absorb it. 
He is creating SO much different connections, that he is not delivering just a line, but a full net of ideas, emotions and relevant moments.

At the final moment of the revelation, notice at 7:10 how she REALLY felt that her mother was there. Is not just "silly imagination" stuff, but a real experience, as real as her mother being in there. Use imagination wisely and carefully in performance, because it is real.

At the moment of the revelation, notice how he just let her and the audience enjoy the mystery. DONT say a word, let them experience it.
Again.. BE SILENT, we are just channels. As soon as the experience of mindreading is over, erase yourself from the picture, you are not important. 

The end hug was beautiful. She extend her arms, he was attentive to it and what a better human connection that a hug! Again, no words, just a sincere smile. 

Lance, thanks for this performance, keep your WONDERFUL work.


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