Quote of the Week: Docc Hilford

This week, a wonderfull quote from the master mysteriosophist Docc Hilford, taken from Scott Wells-The Magic Word Podcast (you can enjoy it in HERE)

We are crafters in performance. We can make whatever we want in collaboration of our audiences, and we have tools. Physical tools as props and also mechanical and psychological tools as methods.

Props and methods dont define what you do. Is what you do what defines what you do, and that is only perceived in the outer reality of our audiences.

If people experience a mindreading moment, you are a mindreader.
If people experience an expert with playings cards, you are an expert at playing cards.

Concepts and words dont have meaning by itself, only when they are applied in conversation and interaction.

I love this simple idea because Docc is a live example of it. No one care about a bit about the classic "Ball & Tube", but he took it and made a hypnotic masterpiece. 

Again, not because the tool was good or bad, but because HE was the one that created the miracle, not the prop. And we can learn about this quote and his example in our daily practice as Mentalists. Take that old routine that you learn years ago, that you put aside because it was "too simple" and compare your experience with it. I am sure that if you are a better performer now, this routine will be a better experience for your audience.

This doesnt mean that everything that we do must be "serious" in attitude, but we need to treat everything that we do as "important".

Have a great week! 


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