Quote of the Week: Art Vanderlay

This week, a new piece of powerful inspiration from the Master Elemental Manipulator, Art Vanderlay.

If you dont know him or his work, he is not only a creative Mentalist, but the modern pioneer of "Elemental Manipulation", which is basically a Mystery Performance allied art in which you are able to create, in credible manners, wonders in nature.

Move stars, make the moon vanish, make seeds grow, bend fire and much more (he is working in the definitive enciclopedia of this branch of Mystery Performance)

This performance miracles (they are not "effects" or "tricks" at all) are a wonderful metaphor of the power of the exclusivity and uniqueness of each moment. Maybe you will never perform them, maybe you will perform it once in your life, but that moment will be TRULY unique.

Whats the best anywhere, anytime miracle? Thats an oxymoron. As Ormond McGill said, a miracle is not repeatable. It is a miracle.

And from that frame of mind, you can truly experience this cliché and wonderful idea that "Nothing is Impossible".

Yes, maybe in a literal manner, there are impossible things, but that doesnt matter. We are dealing with a powerful metaphor in here, which is as real as a literal truth. Nothing is Impossible.

Believe it, live as if nothing is impossible, and you will push your limits to new levels in your Magic, in your Mentalism and in everything related to our wonderful Mystery Performances.

So, study Art work (you can find it in HERE), be inspired and go out there and perform not what is impossible, but what is possible.

Have a wonderful week!


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