Quote of the Week: Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson is an essential author if you want to understand Mentalism as a powerful practice in the real world. His “Encyclopedia of Mentalism” is a book that you must read if you are a beginner Mentalist...

But what? He is saying that there is no such thing as “Beginner Mentalist”

Indeed, from the audience perceived reality...

Obviously, there is a beginning in your path as Mentalist, but this is why Birrealism is so simple and powerful. It doesnt matter if your Inner Reality says that you are just a beginner...your audience must never feel that!

Mentalism demands a true compromise. Is not just the new hype way to be awesome. Powerful Mentalism can be done by an amateur or a professional, by a beginner or an experienced expert. You must perform only when you are able to communicate power to your audience. If you cant do this, dont do Mentalism.

You must practice and rehearse everything from your Inner Reality but also focus into the Outer Reality, and especially in the Outer Artifacts (if you want to learn more about this, you can check “Telepathic Artifacts”)

It doesnt matter if you use a 3-out Multiple Out basic prediction routine, or the most advanced psychological technique, everything must be felt by your audience as if you are indeed an expert in your craft.

So, be excellent, learn the true important Outer Artifacts and let people experience Mystery! 


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