Quote of the Week: Richard Osterlind

Richard Osterlind offers us this interesting observation from his “Penguin Act”  .

Mentalism plays with this beautiful paradox of being a dramatic performance art onstage, which feels real. It is Realistic Theatre at it best, and we need to keep this in mind. Casualness disarms anyone. Being an apparent ordinary person creating extraordinary mental experiences is one of the beauties of our art.

And this art is small in nature. We dont use big machines or complex aesthetics, and that simplicity makes it even bigger. The focus in performance is not at all in the props that you use. They function as physical channels and tools that we use to share our mysteries.

You can do a spoon bending on stage even if the cutlery is small in size. Why? Because it is not about the actual size of the prop, but the size of the experience. People care about other people, thats why for example my “Tangible Energies” routine works on stage (available in Simply Mental II). It is not about the spoon, but the participants on stage and how they feel the energies.

It is not about the small billet that you use, but how great the telepathic experience can be in your performance.

So, remember this week, YOU are the one transforming reality for others, not your small props. Use them to show your mysteries.

Thanks Richard for that great insight 🔮


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