Quote of the Week: Simone Ravenda

I had a "Quote of the Week" already planned, but yesterday we had a POWERFUL conversation with Simone Ravenda, and I had to change my plan.

Tomorrow we will release his "Metal Bending VideoLecture" and one of the powerful insights that he shared with us is the importance of "intention".

Metal Bending is one of the most impactful and symbolic phenomenas in Mentalism, and as he says in the videolecture, is part of the "Holy Trinity".

Attention is outer energy and intention is inner one, and especially in Metal Bending we learn that in order to trascend the "spoon trick" we need to embrace this notions with power. If you want to convey a realistic performance, you need to be REAL, and one beautiful way to achieve this realness is to actually BE the one that is bending the metal with a clear intention.

What is your intention? Thats you own decision to take, but as Simone said in the videolecture, we must be AWARE of the intention. We always have one, but sometimes we are not conscious about it.

Your intention is actually energy. Your intention is that inner force that guide your attention in a clear and powerful way, and what is beautiful is that you are actually doing that in Metal Bending! You are not "missdirecting" your participant, but actually directing their focus with meaningful intention.

This reflection is just a small part of the wonderful content that Simone is offering us in this new videolecture, so if you are interested in learning the realistic and real work in Metal Bending, see you tomorrow!


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