Quote of the Week: Peter Drucker

Good week!

A new quote comes from author and management expert Peter Drucker, highly relevant especially during these times of virtual interactions and performances.

What is the body language that you are showing during your performance?
What is the body language that your audience is showing during your performance?

As Mentalist Students we need to constantly reflect about the integral nature of communication, not just understanding our verbals, but most important, our non-verbals.

We need to assume that your audience is expert at reading subtle non verbal cues. That is why it is highly needed to rehearse our postures, our intentions and communicational congruency. Remember that the non-verbals are the guide of congruency. If you are saying something but your non verbals are expressing something else, people will trust primarily what they dont hear. 

Our non-verbals are the basis in which our words are presented. Maybe you can say that you feel excited to be in that situation, but if your body, tone of voice and all the subtle aspects of the non-verbals are not expressing that, dont be surprised if your audience doenst engage.

Rehearse, observe yourself, hear your tone of voice, use your hands gestures in clear and simple ways and let your audience know that you are truly present, using both your verbal and most important, your non-verbal communication.

Thanks Peter for your fantastic insights!


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