Quote of the Week: René Lavand

A wonderful week starts, with this powerful words from the card poet René Lavand.

Did you check our last week quote from Bob? 

In there I did reference to other authors that understood this apparent paradox. How can we appreciate both simplicity and complexity at the same time?

Once we study and reflect upon the concepts presented on "Birreal" , we can indeed create this union of opposites understanding the notion of Inner & Outer Reality.

The most beautiful and simple Outer Reality only comes from a beautiful and complex Inner Reality. It is  your personal work, study, practice and rehearse where you can reflect and self-discover your own potential. Only when that work is done we can perform with confidence, observing with empathy what we offer to our audiences. If your performance piece is too complex, most probable people will not appreciate the beauty of all that work.

We can see this not only in Mystery Performance, but in all arts. It doesnt matter how hard is a technique, if you dont share the artistic results of that technique with panache, presence, enchantment and "duende", people will just perceive a technician, not an artisan of ideas.

Develop a powerful and deep Inner Reality in such a way that your Outer Reality becomes a natural and simple expression of all those beautiful complexities.

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Gracias René por tu continua inspiración!
Nos enseñaste que si se puede hacer más lento.


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