Mentalism as Life Purpose

What is your Life Purpose?

Such a big question, right?

Well, for my friend The Jack (Jorge García, RIP) Mentalism was a Life Purpose, and he shared it very clearly in his life and in this TEDx talk 


He was a very successful business man, but for some reason felt incomplete. Stressed and emotionally unstable by his mentality (as he says in the talk). 
He then learnt Magic and Mentalism, and encounter a space of purpose and meaning. After quitting his job, a new beginning appeared, starting a beautiful (and sadly short) career of elegant Mystery Performances.

Mentalism is the art that allows us to understand the depth of our mind. Mentalism is a beautiful practice that can show you your true potential, and bring us curiosity, wellness and meaning.

Thanks my friend for inspiring us. 
We continue the path of Mentalism as Life Purpose.



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