Quote of the Week: Arthur Schopenhauer

Today we invite philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer to our "Quote of the Week", with a fascinating idea about free will and predestination. This is a complex topic but I will share a simple reflection that you can activate in your own understanding of your Mystery Performance.

Do you believe in fate or free will? is a classic question (used in the context of a precognitive experience) that sometimes limits our understanding of the nature of both concepts. If you study this topic in a deeper way you will realize that they are not mutually exclusive notions, and our performance in itself is a clear example of that.

If you know Equivoque (you can learn interesting secrets in our Online Course) you can understand what I mean.

Your participant has completely freedom of choice, still the outcome is pre-determined. The felt experience of freedom is present, still the ending is written.
(this is call compatibilism if you want to study this in a deeper manner)

Interesting, right?

In a way, while performing using Equivoque we as performers are the one guiding the meaning of the participant´s decision in the way that we declare through our own will.  Your participant free will becomes our own will.

This opens fascinating new conversations that can expand your mind to new levels using this technique.

This is a huge topic, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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