Why Pendulums?


A pendulum is not just a utensil as a pencil or a billet, but a highly sophisticated and simple multi-layered tool that we can integrate in our universe of possibilities, opening a new dimension of understanding in Mystery Performance.

It doesnt matter if you understand yourself as Magician, Mentalism, Psychic Entertainer, Bizzarist, Hypnotist and other labels, the pendulum in my opinion is an essential symbol that offers us not just new options in performance but also, and more importantly, a key that opens the mind to higher levels.

Let me share with you four reasons why you need to add a pendulum in your toolkit and repertoire:

1. As suggested (pun intended) in "Ideas about Pendulums", all 4 classic Mentalism phenomena (telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance and psychokinesis) can be catalyzed through the addition of an effective use of a pendulum.

2. As soon as you experiment yourself with a pendulum, you will learn through your own reflection how to facilitate the pendulum experience for your participant, understanding not just that but the subtle dynamics of suggestion.

3. A pendulum is a focusing tool that adds realistic dramatism to our performance.

4. A pendulum is not just a weight and a chain, and if you explore our pendulums at Arkanosophy you will see interesting new options such as our "Haunted Key Pendulum", or the "Secret Seer"   

At Mentalism Center you will find several pendulum-related eProducts

As you can see, learning the art of pendulums is a fascinating new exploration...
if you are ready, welcome to the adventure!


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