NEW Stock Weekly Cartomancy


Weekly Cartomancy is my take on the neoclassic Bob Cassidy-Chronologue.

52 Weeks in a Year
52 Playing Cards in a deck of cards.
From a velvet bag you take a notebook which features all 52 weeks, each of them with one playing card.

Your participant names ANY date.
That day is found and the card is read outloud.

From the bag is taken one regular playing card, which is precisely the participant´s one!

Only one diary
NO deck of cards (as Bob´s original routine)
Perfect for all venues (close up, walkaround, parlor or stage)
ANY day of the year
You can give away the playing card if you want
ALWAYS correct

Thank you very much for Weekly Cartomancy. It’s a beautiful effect.  With the right reading, you could change lives with it. 
Congratulations on coming up with it.
Richard Webster 



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