5 ways to practice your reading skills

One of the topics of conversation in our "Reading Online Workshop" with a student was the practical application of our skills and techniques in the modern real world. Let me share with you 5 ideas that can inspire you to develop your readings:

1. Coffee shops: This relaxed environment is perfect for readings and psychic entertainment. Talk with the owner and offer your services. Bring them the value of your collaboration as part of the expansion of her/his business.
You can offer all reading systems and oracles that you feel competent, and also (of course) coffee readings.

2. Open Parks: You can simply relax in a local park, bringing your tools (Playing cards, Tarot, Stones, etc) and offer free readings. In this way anyone that is curious to receive a quick and fun reading can have the experience. 

3. Online Readings: Virtual experiences of interaction are as real as face-to-face ones. For this I highly recommend you to get "Connection" by Madame Q, a full course in the art of Virtual Readings 

4. Co-working spaces: If in your local area you can find a "cowork spaces" you can offer your readings in there, and use those shared spaces as your "office" for your longer readings. Especially if they have open gardens, the ambiance and energy from this collaborative spaces are perfect for readings.

5.(not just) Psychic Fairs: Psychic Fairs are a classic space in which you can rent your booth and offer your readings, but the new idea that I want to share with you now is that you dont need to just use "Psychic Fairs" for this. Any type of social event can be a place in which you can camouflage your services.
For example you can sell books and offer readings, or sell mysterious tools (pendulums, stones, etc) and also offer free online readings with each sale.

Remember that even if you dont receive money for your readings, there is more than money in this world.  You will get experience, a new contact and a potencial new client for the future, and even sell some tool if you explore the art of "BOR Sales" (after performances sometimes I offer my books for the open public)

Be astute, open your eyes and explore your possibilities. There is always a healthy piece of fear in all these explorations, and that is completely natural. Take action and experience an adventure of mystery and fun moments!

For all these ideas, please check first the laws in your country regarding readings, so you dont get in trouble. If you feel that there is some issues, just change the name of your service and offer "Intuitive Interpretations" and use our "Arkanosophy Symbol Deck", so you dont get accused of "black magic" or something like that.

Being a reader expands your potential as Mystery Performer. You can continue with your Magic and Mentalism and now, explore a new realm of possibilities.

Learn how to do readings with us and be ready to have powerful fun! 



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