Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

We start this week with a powerful and real quote from my mentor and friend Kenton Knepper.

What a difference we can make if we understand "realness" not just as a careful performance towards credibility of the phenomema, but as important as that, a genuine tool of connection and openness in performance.

Being vulnerable and authentic is fundamental in order to go beyond the tricks (rational) and go into the human (emotional). Anyone can do cool tricks, but being able to go to new levels of connection is a conscious action that each performer must decide.

If you dont want to reach this level, no problem. Continue with your passion for tricks and doing just fun trick performance, but if you are open to go deeper, welcome!

If you are interested in learning how to reach those levels, be sure to check the "Kenton Principles" in HERE 

(you can read more about in here

One of the ideas that I offer at Birreal and in our "Mentalism Course" is the notion of "Fruits" as our higher level in the "Tree" that symbolises any Mystery Performer.

Non-authentic performance is the normal execution of your secrets and techniques in the space of interaction with your participant and audience. Most people reach this level, because they think that Magic and Mentalism is just that, and it is NOT!

Your performance can be a space of authenticity, meaning and human connection. Thats the level of "Fruits". 

(I will explore this reflections in a new book coming soon!)

The invitation for you this week is to find in your tricks a path of authentic expression. Find your unique ideas and express them through your performance!

Thanks Kenton for your constant inspiration!



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