Quote of the Week: Plato

This powerful observation from the fundamental philosopher Plato can inspire us this week to write, write and write.

I cant recommend you enough the power that journaling has for daily life (I use it as psychotherapy technique in my practice), and as we always state at Mentalism Center, the fundamental importance of scripting your performances.

Writing scripts is not difficult at all, and in order to truly bring our performance to a new level of excellence is essential to understand our communicational intentions and explore the potential of the moments that we offer in performance.

No matter if you are a social or professional performer, writing your script (handwritten or in your favorite device) can elevate your effectiveness in beautiful ways. Is not what we do but HOW and WHY we do it, and if you integrate the practice of scripting in your path as Mystery Performer, I am sure that you will understand that in an experiential manner (the true only way of understanding).

Writing allows us to observe our ideas, our emotions, our possibilities. The mind becomes visual, the soul becomes geometrical.

If you are interested in deeper studies and opportunities in scripting, check our new service "Script Co-Creation" (a new option for our Zoom Sessions) and of course, our Scripting for Mystery Performers Videocourse

Writing is a powerful way of self-knowledge and self-authoring. 
If you are ready, we are ready for you!


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