Quote of the Week: Ron Carter

Today we receive wisdom from the jazz bassist Ron Carter, regarding responsibility and excellence. 

How you do anything is how you do everything. If you want to communicate professionalism and passion for your craft, being respectful with time and being always prepared is a needed skill.

No one will enjoy the service of other that arrives late, that is obvious right? So be sure to arrive to your gigs not just at time, but before time.

From my experience, clients are grateful for your compromise. It looks good to be the one that respond in a proper manner. Some other people on the gig may respond in an unprofessional manner, but just with your actions, you can show that things can be done differently.

Dont take this just as an idea for "pros". If you are amateur, being prepared in an excellent manner is also a necessity. Keep your hands clean, keep your mouth and body smell good, keep your props clean and in pristine conditions so you can integrally communicate your focus.

Perfection is a dangerous illusion, aim for excellence. Do your best, always, and you will find powerful potential/magic.


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