Quote of the Week: Theodore Annemann

In his “ Shhh  It's A Secret” (which you can get for FREE in here), our grandpa Theo wrote a piece called “Three Cards-Three Numbers”, which is a very interesting early approach (1934) to the thinking behind the classic David Hoy-TOD.
He was 27 at that time (what a genius he was).

In the description of this piece, he offer our feature quote at the end, which is congruent with his body of work. He understood that our focus must be in the Outer Reality, and that the Inner Reality is important without a doubt, but the focus in Mystery Performance is in our audience, not ourselves.

We choose our tools, and the tools shape our creation, but a competent performer will be able to transform any method into a powerful mysterious moment.

Learn as much as you want, but also learn how to perform with proper focus. Dont perform just because you want to have fun with that cool new gimmick. Your audience deserves the best, and most of the time, we distract ourselves in the marketplace and mainstream. Dont believe this, and explore what is most important...YOURSELF.

As soon as you have that vision, go and find a working method for your desire Outer Reality, not in reverse.

Some people say: “Oh, I know a Center Tear, what can I do with it?”

Such a weird question... Method means nothing!

Change your questions: “How can I create telepathy using movies as theme?”

From that question, you will indeed focus in the Outer Reality, and methods will emerge and help you achieve your goal, each one with different stagings, aesthetics and options.

Change your questions, change your focus.

Thanks grandpa Theo for all your constant inspiration ❗️


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