Minimalism as value in Mystery Performance

If you follow my work as creator, you know that I love Minimalism.
 I use the minimal approach as guide value, and although I dont close myself to other approaches, it is my preferred way.

but why? 

And what I really mean by Minimalism in Mentalism?

Some people think that Minimalism in Mystery Performance is all about our Inner Reality. No Gimmicks, Impromptu, Anytime-Anywhere, and all those concepts that we understand.

Far worse is to guide your creativity by criteria such as "Easy" or "No Practice Required..", which is fine for a hobbiest, but as Robert Nelson said: "There is no such thing as Beginner Mentalist" 

Sometimes our complete repertoire is solely based in those criteria, which I find completely limiting and performer-oriented.

What if we understand Minimalism observing the Outer Reality that we create for our audiences?
THATS where true Minimalism exist. That reality is the only one perceived by our audiences, so it MUST be our focus to achieve goal in performance, which is THEIR experience.

It doesnt matter if the method is "simple", if people dont understand what you are doing in performance, you are not applying the core aspects of Minimalism in your performance.

As a matter of fact, all Inner Realities are complex in nature. Our method can be very intricate and advanced, still your performance will be Minimal.
Why? Because YOUR audience perceived it as simple.

Maybe you are using the most complex electronic impression pad or a simple "Minimal Jaks" case to get someone written word. If you offer a simple Outer Reality for your audience, your performance will be simple.

Remember that the Inner Reality is in service to the Outer Reality, not in reverse. And in the same way, as Mystery Performance WE are in service for Mystery, not in reverse.

The understanding of Minimalism as value in your Mystery Performance is also a reminder that it is not your clever $1000 electronic gizmo or your ultimate whatever gimmick what makes a powerful performance. The power comes from YOU as performer. If you stripe down everything, what is left?

YOU! You are enough to let others experience a mysterious performance. It is your responsibility then to be the best possible in every way.

Less is More is a common phrase to understand Minimalism. If you can take off an unnecessary moment or phase during your performance, why not?

The constant exploration of what is "simple" will lead you to deeper observations than the mainstream superficial trick approach to Mystery Performance.

What do you want to truly communicate with your performance?
How do you want to communicate this in your performance?
and the most important
WHY do you want to communicate this in your performance?

As soon as you observe all those replies, you will be able to take the Minimalist approach in your performance so you can truly understand what you are doing for your audience in all those three levels.

As you can see, which specific performance piece(s) you use is truly secondary. 
Mystery Performance is about Performance, and most important, about Mystery.

I hope that you can find in Minimalism a powerful value for your Mystery Performance. 

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